Hey! I'm Ananya.

Geneticist | BCI Developer | Blockchain Engineer | Lifelong Learner

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Hello! I'm Ananya, a 16 y/o girl from Toronto. I really do believe the only way we can create the best future for humanity, is if we increase human intelligence. That's why I am so interested and involved in the field of Brain Computer Interfaces, and its intersections with other exponential technologies like genomics and blockchain.

I have built various robots that I can control with my brain waves, and have been fortunate enough to work with and be supported by some really awesome organizations like Microsoft, SickKids, and Udacity. I know I want to create a company imacting billions of people's lives for the better, so am focussing on building the skills and knowedge required right now! :)

What I'm currently working on.

Prosthetic Arm + Drone

Almost completed Brain Controlled Prosthetic Arm, and Brain Controlled Drone.

Brain Controlled VR Games @ Microsoft

Am now sponsored by Microsoft for developing BCI Applications! Building Brain Controlled VR games using Microsoft Azure.

Blockchain x BCI

Looking into Intersections between Blockchain and Brain Computer Interfaces. Working at Consensys.


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